Checklist- Winter Home Maintenance Projects

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Checklist- Winter Home Maintenance Projects

Home maintenance projects are a little more enjoyable in the fall with cool breezes and warm sun, aren’t they? It is easy to forget home maintenance tasks in the winter when we are inside for the majority of the season. Keeping up your home during the winter is not as bad as it seems. There are lots of small updates and projects inside; do more of these now and you’ll have a smaller list of “to-do’s” when spring arrives!

Prevent water damage

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  • Check your sump pump to make sure it is working
  • After a winter storm, check the perimeter of your home for any wind or tree damage

Plan for the future

  • Take a tour around your house and make note of features that need to be fixed or updated
  • Call contractors for the list of updates you will make throughout the year
  • Compare contractors and ask for advice to narrow down your list of potential roofers or remodeling companies

Set a “fix-it” day

  • Look for the small problems that you’ve missed or forgotten
  • List every small indoor repair such as replacing light bulbs, tightening faucets, or paint touch up
  • Pick one to two weekend days in the coming months to designate to quick repairs that can be completed in one day
  • Make a list of all supplies you will need- shop for everything in one trip

Organize for a fresh start

  • The post-holiday season is a perfect time to organize new items and donate old ones
  • Buy new clear storage boxes to organize your basement and closet
  • While you organize, consider how you can re-purpose or reuse what you find

There are home maintenance tasks to do all year long. Winter is the perfect time to work on simple changes and updates, so you can save the major outdoor projects for warmer days. We hope you take on a few projects this month. Follow Christian Brothers Roofing on Twitter and like us on Facebook to stay connected and for more tips!

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