Keep Cool with Energy-Efficient Windows

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Keep Cool with Energy-Efficient Windows

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Let’s face it, summertime can make for some hot and uncomfortable days. In an effort to stay cool, many people find themselves cranking the air conditioning. Sadly, this can result in expensive energy bills, and to make matters worse, it doesn’t always cool your home.

Don’t get too discouraged, though! We’ve got a simple solution that can help you save money on utilities AND keep you comfortable, too.  So, what’s the catch? Believe it or not, installing the right windows is one of the best home improvements you can make.

That’s right, energy-efficient windows can help you beat the heat this summer! Lucky for you, we’ve got the scoop on the best window selections.

Energy Performance Rating

If you’re going to go green, the energy performance rating assessment is an absolute must. These ratings are determined by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and act as an indicator of the least and most energy-efficient windows. These ratings are reliable and helpful in the decision-making process.

Window Structure

Design is another factor that should be considered when selecting energy-efficient windows.  Like anything, some designs are better than others, so it’s important to be aware of this before choosing your windows.

 Awning – Because these windows fall outward from their hinged tops – allowing for air to flow freely – they can help regulate inside temperatures during nicer weather. These windows also seal securely, which minimizes air leakage and keeps spaces better insulated.

Casement – These windows close similarly to their awning counterparts and also make for an energy-efficient option. As for appearance, they are hinged at the side.

Hopper – Secured at the bottom, these windows open inward  — think opposite of awning —  and have little air leakage, making for another suitable option.

Energy-efficient window installation

Energy performance rating and window structure are just a couple of factors you should consider before selecting your windows. After all, windows impact your home’s comfort and design.

At Christian Brothers Roofing, LLC, we understand that selecting windows is a very important decision. Because of this, we offer only the highest quality of window installations and service.

Want to cool down with some energy-efficient windows? Just hop on our site and check out our green window selection.

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