16 Point Roof Inspection

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Our 16 Point Roof Inspection process is what makes our roofs tougher than most others in Kansas City. By going through each of these steps during roof inspection,  we can guarantee you a roofing system that lasts longer and protects your family and home for many years. In this way, our roof inspection can help your roof last longer than many other roofs installed by ordinary standards.

Our 16 Point Roof Inspection

With roof inspection from Christian Brothers Roofing, you receive a thorough, comprehensive service. Each roof inspection includes the following steps:

  1. Inspect home and calculate for proper intake and exhaust ventilation.
  2. Inspect attic interior for moisture and/or dry rot.
  3. Inspect attic for damaged and broken rafters.
  4. Inspect attic vents for holes, cracks and deterioration.
  5. Inspect roof for missing and proper fastening of shingles and ridge.
  6. Inspect roof for impact bruising, granular loss, curling, defects and deterioration.
  7. Inspect roof decking for lifts, delaminating layers and rot.
  8. Inspect chimney and skylight flashings for proper seal and installation.
  9. Inspect brick and rock chimneys for tuck point and cap condition.
  10. Inspect metal drip edge for proper type and installation.
  11. Inspect valleys for proper installation, wear, cracks and deterioration.
  12. Inspect metal flashings at walls for corrosion and proper installation.
  13. Inspect rubber boots at top of pipes for dry rot & deterioration.
  14. Inspect storm collars at pipes for proper seal.
  15. Inspect all pipe flashings for cracks.
  16. Inspect gutters, and downspouts for blockage & proper drainage.

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The Roof Inspection Process

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We provide a 16 Point Roof Inspection for homeowners who suspect damage to their roofs or are concerned about the overall roof condition. After the roof inspection, we will draw up our recommendations and walk you through the report, followed up with a written estimate.

Our post-roof inspection presentation of the estimate will provide details and explanations to our recommendations. For example, if you need ventilation, we will point out where the vents will go and why. We’ll also present you with many options to ensure the roofing project fits within your budget. Last, we’ll discuss all manufacturer’s warranties, in addition to our workmanship warranty, so you are fully briefed on the scope and cost of your project. The goal of our roof inspection is to uncover what areas of your roof could benefit from improvements.

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