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Specialty Roof Types in Kansas City

At Christian Brothers Roofing, LLC., we carry a wide variety of specialty roof types to help Kansas City Bob Stinnett (4)homeowners find the exact type to fit their aesthetic style and practical needs. We also work to ensure that we carry a range of price points so that each homeowner can get a beautiful roof at the right price.

Contact us if you need help identifying what specialty roof types would work best for your building.

Available Specialty Roof Types

We offer the following types of specialty roof types:


Gallery of Speciality Roof Types

DECRA Stone Coated Steel Shingles (Shake XD Style)

Kathryn Bradley (2) Resized

Kathryn Bradley (1) Resized

Standing Seam Metal 

Jeff Smith (1) RESIZED

Jeff Smith (2) RESZIED






Concrete Tile

JC Bruckner (2) RESIZED

JC Bruckner (4) RESIZED






DECRA Stone Coated steel (Villa Tile)

Don Keys (1) RESIZED

Don Keys (5) RESIZED





Anna Larkin (1) RESIZEDAnna Larkin (3) RESIZED







DECRA Stone Coated Steel (Shingles)

Bob Stinnett (2) RESIZED

Bob Stinnett (4) RESIZED







Christian Brothers Roofing is a proud provider of specialty roof types in the Kansas City area.

Whether you want a specialty roof to match the aesthetic of your neighborhood or are building a new home and desire the look of a specialty roof, we can help. We carry a variety of types from roofing shingles, to tiles, so that no matter what style you want, we can help.

Christian Brothers RoofingOur roofing experts can work with you to determine what sort of specialty roof types are ideal for your new or existing construction.

Call (816) 453-7663 or (913) 800-7663 for more information on specialty roof types in Kansas City, Missouri.