Dealing with an insurance claim on your property can be a headache, we have put together this list hoping to help you navigate the process!

  1. Know your policy – Do you have full replacement coverage, only cash value, and does your policy cover city permits and code upgrades needed?

  2. Know your contractor- ALWAYS find a HAAG certified contractor to handle to inspect your home. A HAAG certification is the same training that insurance adjusters go through to identify damage. This means that your inspector will be able to give the most accurate advice on your claim and also be able to properly negotiate with your adjuster to get you the most value out of your claim.Large Hail on the ground
  3. Choose Local – Choosing local not only protects you and your family from storm chaser issues but it also ensures you are picking a reputable company that has a stake in doing the job right and ESPECIALLY they will be able to uphold the installation warranty!
  4. Ask your neighbors/friends/family – Who did they use? Did they get proof of insurance from the contractor? Were they given lien waivers at the end of the job? Are there good reviews online? What is the company’s BBB and Angie’s List rating?
  5. Ask Questions – If you have a mortgage on your home most of the time the check from insurance will need to be endorsed by them before you are able to cash it. This also means they will likely have a packet of information for you and your contractor to fill out!
  6. money in handMoney Rules – Do not pay your deductible or and money up front to a contractor before the job is complete. Do not be tempted by offers for the company to “cover your deductible” this is insurance fraud and the company will always make the money back by skimping on the quality of materials and labor on your home.
  7. Finance it – Financing options are always available to help cover the gap in insurance coverage. If your policy doesn’t cover code upgrades required or even if it’s as simple as you would like to wait 12 months to pay your deductible, ask your project manager about financing options available to you! Did you know you could even finance the entire project and keep your insurance check?12 months no payments, no interest