Learn About Roofing Choices with Christian Brothers

A recent Kansas City Star article about choosing a style of roof featured the advice of Christian Brothers Roofing. Reporters interviewed Jennifer Horstmann, office manager for Christian Brothers, for professional advice about the different roofing options that homeowners have to choose from. Using the knowledge the Christian Brothers Roofing team has gained through years of experience, she was able to give Kansas City residents sound advice about making the right choice of material for the style you want for your roof.

The roofing options discussed in the article include wood, asphalt, standing seam metal, and clay and slate. Wood is a stylistic option for many and is most common on older homes. Today, homeowners tend to gravitate towards other choices because wood is a material prone to pests. Asphalt is a very common choice of materials today because it can mimic the look of wood shingles but is much more durable. Standing seam metal roofs are more common in colder environments, where the metal provides a durable protector against winter weather. Clay and slate roofs have a Mediterranean and Old World style that is very appealing. Jennifer named slate her first choice of roofing material because it is a strong and long-lasting material that lasts 50-100 years.

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