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Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen roofing, sometimes referred to as simply “modified roofing” is a durable, weather resistant commercial roof membrane suitable for flat roof and low sloped roof applications. The modified bitumen roofing system and material were introduced in the 1970’s and has since been a time tested commercial roofing choice that has been used prolifically in many commercial and industrial roof applications.

What is Modified Bitumen?

Modified Bitumen (MB) Roofing Membranes come in two primary varieties; APP and SBS. Both are constructed of asphalt that has mixed with either atactic polypropylene plasticizer (APP) or styrene-butadiene-styrene rubber (SBS) modifiers. The modifiers are added to the roofing asphalt to enhance the asphalts various performance dimensions. The APP (atactic polypropylene) modifier increases the membrane’s aging ability, while the SBS modifier increases the flexibility of the membrane and allows it to have better expansion and contraction capabilities across a broader range of temperatures.

In either case, the modified bitumen material is reinforced with a fiberglass or polyester fiber matting to increase its durability and strength further and can be finished and sourced in a few options from the factory:

  • smooth surface
  • coated
  • granule covered

The granules and coatings over the Modified Bitumen membrane are designed to provide additional material performance enhancements. granules, for instance, can enhance a roof’s reflectivity to provide increased UV protection, while also providing limited fire resistance.

Of the two modifier systems, SBS is often the more popular system because of it’s significantly better flexibility resulting from the synthetic rubber additives.

Installation Options

Modified Bitumen membrane roof membrane is available in several thicknesses. Each comes with a few installation options. The system can be installed with a heat-application method, with hot or cold adhesives, or rely on manufacturer engineered self-adhering membrane, which naturally causes the membrane to adhere and fuse to itself and the substrate on which it is installed.

Key Features

Modified Bitumen Membranes are an extremely durable commercial roofing choice. This extreme durability comes from the fact that modified bitumen membrane is a multi-layer and multi-material composite, and this layering makes it extremely difficult to pierce through and damage. This gives modified bitumen a real advantage over other homogenous single layer membrane systems.

Modified Bitumen also boasts the extremely convenient feature that it is easy to repair. If it does experience localized damage, it can be easily repaired and restored because of it’s continued rubber-like flexibility that persists even after deployment and exposure to the elements.

Why Choose Us?

Christian Brothers Roofing has many years of local service and experience installing and repairing Modified Bitumen Commercial Roof Membranes in Kansas City. We work extreemly hard to earn and maintain our reputation as one of the industries most trusted and respected commercial and industrial roofing companies in the Kansas City metro area. We can proudly say that we have earned this reputation through exceptional product knowledge, ongoing product training with our manufacturer partners, and by consistently providing excellent workmanship and customer service.

If you would like to receive an estimate for a Modified Bitumen Roof please call us (816) 453-7663 “ROOF” (913) 800-7663 “ROOF” or email us today and we will be in touch to schedule your roof evaluation.



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