Kansas City Commercial Skylight Design and Installation

Wasco Commercial Skylight Installation

Christian Brothers Roofing has proudly partnered with Wasco Skylights as their local Kansas City certified Wasco Skylight installer to bring their exceptional and innovative commercial skylight products to Kansas City businesses. Wasco Skylights is the foremost leader in the commercial skylight manufacturing. Their diverse product catalog features of some of the most innovative, well-designed commercial skylight systems in the world, and we love to design and install Wasco Skylights solutions for our commercial customers.

Why Install Wasco Skylights In The Workplace?

Wasco Skylights are a fantastic structural addition to any commercial workspace that comes with a bevy of benefits. The most obvious feature is that Wasko skylights allow for substantially more natural light ingress into a building at virtually any spot in a building. What this ultimately means is that building owners can anticipate the following benefits.

Reduced energy consumption: Wasko Skylights help to reduce the dependency on artificial lighting for interior illumination. Additionally, heating costs can also decrease as a result of the additional solar energy permitted to enter a building. These two factors together can potentially reduce electricity usage and costs by as much as 10% for a building owner.

Increased interior visual appeal
: Natural illumination is the best type of lighting system that can be used in interior design. Daylight provides improved aesthetics, better color perception, improved definition of space, and highlights architectural details that might be otherwise lost or washed out by artificial lighting.

Improved employee efficiency and performance: Workplace case studies have been conducted conclude that natural lighting renovations result in happier workers, less absenteeism, and fewer illnesses, and, because natural lighting better encourages satisfaction among workers, it also results in increased productivity.

If you are thinking about adding skylights to your commercial property or business and you would like to receive an estimate please call us (816) 453-7663 “ROOF” (913) 800-7663 “ROOF” or email us today and we will be in touch to schedule your roof evaluation.



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