Facebook is on the move again. Plans are in the works for a new campus to house the social media company’s growing group of employees. What will they do to surprise us here? Well, we don’t know all the details, but we do know they have an impressive “green” roof planned.

The second campus at their headquarters in Silicon Valley will house about 2,800 employees and rest on 22 acres. It will likely be an open warehouse-like structure with plenty of room for moving desks around whenever teams need to collaborate. Award-winning architect Frank Gehry is designing the building, including the green roof.

This massive green roof will actually look more like a park than a roof. The designers hope that this green roof will let the building blend into the landscape. It will become part of the hillside. This eco-friendly roof will be large enough to host a long walking trail and support oak trees. It can support cafes and kiosks, and a tunnel will allow employees to walk between the two buildings.

If this concept sounds new to you, you might be surprised to know that the largest green roof sits right in the heart of Chicago. Tourists are drawn to Millennium Park to see the Cloud Gate, The Crown Fountain, gardens and concerts and performances at a massive outdoor theater. Millennium Park sits above two underground parking garages and an active commuter rail yard. Frank Gehry designed this green roof, too.

What an interesting concept for roofing! We are excited to see the results of Facebook’s green roof design.