Front Before

Most of the time shingles will be delivered onto the roof. This house had a steep wood shake roof that required us to “Re-deck” it to allow for a proper composition roof to be installed.

Back Before

This is the rear view of the home before construction began

Protection Prep

We provide protection of your driveway, windows, and garages for every job during tear off.

Front Decking

After tear off of old roofing, new OSB Decking will be put down on the entire roof if you had wood-shake shingles originally, or only on the areas that seem soft if it was a composition roof.

Front Underlaying

The next vital step in protecting your home is the underlayment, this is the first leak barrier applied.

Front Build Out Prep

Another layer of leak barrier we use is Ice and Water shield, this is applied in the valleys sidewalls on top of the underlayment.

Front Build Out

Once your roof is prepped like above, then shingle install begins. At this point the job moves really fast.

Finished Roof Front 1

Once shingles are installed, the last portion will be the ridge cap on the top line of the roof. This will be followed by cleanup and the crew will roll a very large magnet around the property to get loose nails.


GAF Timberline HD Roof – Painted Desert color



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