Spring and summer storms can leave your gutters clogged with leaves, dirt and debris. Aside from overflowing onto your roof, filled systems can cause damage to your roof, siding, sidewalks and walls. Read on to understand why you need to keep your gutters clean and what your options are to help protect your home.

image of leaf clogged gutters.

Why protect gutters?

  • Damaged paint, siding and walls

    • Overflowing water will run down the side of your house and seep into your walls. Not only is it ugly to look at the water stains, but it can also rot your wood.

  • Water in your basement

    • Clogged gutters can cause roof water to accumulate and immediately seep into your basement.

  • Damaged gutter system

    • Heavy debris weighs down your gutters and can rip them off of your house. Not only will it cost you to replace them, but it could break windows or damage siding on its way down.

  • Slipping hazard
    • Overflowing systems create pools of water. These can freeze during the winter months and leave a slippery driveway.
  • Cracked driveways

    • Misdirected water can cause your driveway to crack and sag. 

Types of Gutter Protection

1. Gutter screens

  • Fit over your gutters to prevent leaves and larger debris from entering.

  • Gutter screens are your most affordable option.

2. Leaf Relief System

  • Pest resistant, doesn’t disturb shingles and withstands winds up to 110 mph.

  • Christian Brothers’ system provides a 10 year clog-proof warranty.

3. Rain Flow System

  • Water passes through the system and flows to downspouts. Debris will blow away on the next windy day.

  • Provides a 20 year limited warranty.

4. LeaFree

  • Aluminum cover that is custom-fit to any roof while keeping leaves out.

  • LeaFree comes with a lifetime warranty.

Christian Brothers offers four different types of gutter protection systems. Choose among a variety of price ranges and colors to match your new or existing gutters. Give us a call at (816) 453-7663 to discuss your options in keeping your gutters and house damage-free.