Lights, decorations, and trees are a huge part of the holidays, but there are dangers connected to those spirited displays. Make sure you are cautious this year as you set up your Christmas decorations.

Christmas Decoration Safety Tips

Street view of kansas city home with roof line christmas lights.


Christmas Trees

If you are purchasing a fake tree for your home, look for “fire resistant” on the label. If you are heading to the tree lot for a real evergreen, look for a “fresh” tree, as these are less likely to catch fire. A “fresh” tree will have green needles that are hard to pull from the tree and will not lose many needles when shaken.  When you take the tree home, make sure it is not near the fireplace or other heat source, and is out of any walkways. Make sure you keep the tree watered the entire time you have it on display, and don’t keep it in the house too long after the holidays- there is less chance of a fire.

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Plan your outdoor christmas light display before starting work on it to reduce the amount of time you’ll spend on the roof. No matter how comfortable you feel on top of the house, there are many risks, and it is best to be prepared. Also, limit the number of lights you use; You can create a dazzling display without going overboard. This will help prevent blowing a fuse and other potential damages. Make sure the lights are designed to be used outside.

When you have your lights, proper outdoor extension cords, and tools ready, make sure you have a decorating partner. Don’t have children hold the ladder for you, as they may lose attention and not provide enough support. Instead, you could offer to help a neighbor and ask for their help in return. When your Christmas lights are secure, remember to turn them off before bed and take them in after the holidays. The elements can wear them down if they stay up too long, making them dangerous next year.

At Christian Brothers Roofing, we want you to enjoy a healthy holiday season free of hazards. We hope you’ll follow our tips for safe Christmas decorations this year so you can relax and enjoy your home!

If you have any questions about safely installing Christmas lights- or if you have some questions after spending time up there- feel free to give us a call at (816) 453-7663!