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Facebook Plans Massive New Green Roof

Facebook is on the move again. Plans are in the works for a new campus to house the social media company’s growing group of employees. What will they do to surprise us here? Well, we [...]

Get Your Deck or Patio Ready for Spring

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been dreaming all winter about sitting outside in the evenings, enjoying warm weather. Now that spring is rolling in, it is time to get your deck or patio ready [...]

Prepare Your Roof for Spring Weather

Your roof protected you from snow, ice, and winds this winter. For months, it tirelessly did its job. Changing weather can have huge impacts on your roof. Along with the much-anticipated spring weather comes a [...]

Save Money with Spring Cleaning

Your home needs some love. You spent the winter inside of it, warm and sheltered from the winter winds. Now, its your turn to show your home some tender loving care. Spring is the perfect [...]